Metro Sweden’s Obama scoop

obamaAlready in the Friday edition of the Swedish Metro the Nobel Prize for Peace by Barrack Obama was predicted. (I was sent the story on Saturday but only checked my mail on Sunday when I thought every other media outlet would have picked it up… I was wrong, the smart work of Peter Lindholm was somewhat under-reported so far…)

It was not a leak or speculation that made Lindholm write the story in Metro Sweden on Thursday night. It was a smart analysis of the guest list and line-up of the Oslo Nobel Peace prize party that made him realize that everything pointed to Obama.

On the list, that is available before the prizes are announced, were Obama supporters like Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett, while Donna Summer, Wyclef Jean, country singer Toby Keith, Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi, and Mail artists Amadou & Mariam, who played at his inauguration performed at the party. The combination of all these names made it clear for Lindholm that Obama was the perfect candidate.

One Response to “Metro Sweden’s Obama scoop”

  1. Sam W Says:

    Well, the Nobel Foundation sent out its press release about the artists on 30th September – and the same day Peter had figured out his scoop.

    But it was not until a week later he got his article published. As far as I know, he had trouble getting it published. No one believed in the story – although he had done almost the same kind of scoop before. That’s why Metro didn’t dare to put it on the front page.