Österreich 3rd in Austria, Heute 2nd in Vienna

The first Austria Media-Analyse reseacth that included paid and free dailies in Austria revealed that after Kronen Zeitung (2.919,000 daily readers) and Kleine Zeitung, free/paid paper Österreich is no the third paper in the country with 684,000 readers, before Kurier and Der Standard.

The other Austrian free daily, Heute, was only researched in the three provinces where it is published. In Vienna is is second (500,000 readers) after Kronen Zeitung (575,000 readers) but before Österreich (331,000 readers).

In Niederösterreich (around Vienna) it occupies a joint third place (140,000) together with Östtreich (139,000) after Kronen and Kurier. In Oberösterreich (Linz) Österreich is third (98,000 readers), while Heute is fifth (40,000 readers).

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