Filloux on free

On the Monday Note blog, former 20 Minutes founder and director Frédéric Filloux writes a very interesting piece on free versus paid newspapers and the problems concerning advertising, distribution, cannibalization and the consequences of the recession:

“In normal economic times (please consider the italics), if given the opportunity, I would start a new venture in the “Free” field tomorrow. Actually, I would go for a hybrid model: a highly targeted free publication (not mass circulation, variable costs are too difficult to recoup) and a “freemium” digital version on the internet and on mobile devices (i.e. free content but paid-for selected services). That, I think, is the killer combo.”

One Response to “Filloux on free”

  1. Steve Petrie Says:

    Watch out for this model being rolled out from the 30th October 2009 in Belfast, Northern ireland.

    Belfast CITY paper is released for the first time then.