ES first converted quality?

According to Alexander Lebedev, the owner of the Evening Standard, the paper “is the first leading quality newspaper to go free.” Well, not quite.

In 2006 the Manchester Evening News went free, meaning it was free in the city center although it was still paid in other areas. The example of MEN is not that encouraging of course as the paper cut down circulation recently on all but two days a week.

In the US the San Francisco Examiner, founded in 1865 was converted to a free daily in 2003. In Hong Kong economic daily The Standard went from paid to free in 2007.

Also the Beijing Daily Messenger, The Sun (Malaysia), Hoy (Chicago, NY & LA), All Dia (Dallas), Diario de Caracas (Venezuela), Jornal de Londrina (Brazil), La Hora (Chile), Diario Occidente (Colombia) and Curentul (Bucharest) moved from paid to free. The question remains of what ‘quality’ is, but the Evening Standard is not the first that made the move.

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