Free Dutch dailies 2 & 3 in readership

MetroHolland2009With 1.9 million and 1.8 million readers, free Dutch dailies Metro and Spits are the second and third best-read dailies in the Netherlands after paid paper De Telegraaf.

De Telegraaf is losing readership over the last years. Five years ago the paper reached almost 19% of the Dutch 13+ population, in 2008/2009 this was down to a little over 15%. Metro went in the same period from 9 to 13.7%; Spits now reaches 12.3% against 11.7% five years ago.

Third free daily De Pers had 875,000 readers on average (down from 960,000 after a circulation cut), making it the 5th paper after paid paper AD.

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