Spanish papers lose 20% ad revenue in 2008

According to PRNoticias, Spanish newspapers lost 20% of ad revenue in 2008 compared to 2007. Market leader 20 Minutos lost more than average with 28% (down from 43 to 31 million).

Although free papers in Spain have the highest circulation, their ad-share is relatively low. The four national free papers are on positions 7 to 10 in the top 20. Their share of newspaper advertising in total is only 9%. For a part, however, this can be attributed to the fact that the frees don’t publish in weekends when advertising is usually high.

The paper with the highest income (38 million) and a lowest loss (-7%) is Metro, a title that closed down in the beginning of 2009. ADN lost only 4% while Qué! was down 25%. The ad revenue of all four papers was around 40 million each in 2007 and between 31 and 38 million in 2008.

Not clear, however, is whether these are “net real revenues” data or the official rates data.

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