Metro Canada 1.2 million readers

METROTORONTO2009The latest (2008/2009) Canadian NADbank readership survey shows that Metro now has almost 1.2 million readers in Canada (1,180,000 to be exact). Almost 40% of these readers are in Toronto (456,000), a quarter (260,000) in Montreal. With a circulation of 800,000 each Metro is read by 1.5 readers.

Competitor 24 Hours / 24 Heures – published in the same markets as Metro (except that Metro has a Halifax edition, 43,000 readers) – has 880,000 readers (1.3 readers per copy). Only in Vancouver 24 Hours (3rd) has more readers than Metro (4th).

In Toronto Metro is now the second paper after The Star but before The Sun, 24 Hours is 5th, after Globe & Mail but before the National Post.

In Montreal Metro is 3th, 24 Heures is the 5th paper. In Ottawa Metro is 4th, 24 Hours 6th. In both Calgary and Edmonton Metro and 24 Hours are behind The Herald and The Sun.

Both Metro and 24 Hours saw print readership increase compared to 2007/2008. Most paid papers saw a small decrease in print readership.

NADbank also surveyed online readership. The number of weekly online readers of free papers in almost every market is very low compared to the weekly print readership. In Toronto for instance Metro has 915,000 weekly print readers while the online edition reaches 81,000 readers – 70,000 don’t read the printed paper.

Paid papers perform better when online and print are compared: The Toronto Star has a weekly print audience of 1.9 million and 680,000 online weekly readers.

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