Readers thelondonpaper tweets

londonpapertweetsWill the thelondonpaper be missed?

Hard to tell, but a search on Twitter with thelondonpaper reveals that most people who tweet on the subject don’t like the paper to go.

Right is a screenshot from some days ago, a more recent search brought up:

Can’t believe @thelondonpaper is closing down! How long have I been away for?!

They said it wouldn’t last – they were right! Get your souvenir last ever edition of #thelondonpaper tomorrow.

last issue of thelondonpaper tomorrow, I’m going to miss that newspaper

RT @ashleybmarc: R.I.P. thelondonpaper…thank you for all the goodtimes…as of tomorrow you are no more I’ll miss you… KMT @ having …

“It’s so sad! thelondonpaper IS London! I was thinking of moving there. Now I’m not so sure.”

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