Colorado Daily now

The Colorado Daily, the oldest still surviving free daily in the USA, underwent an extreme makeover since I last checked the website (must have been in 2008).

The paper started in 1892 as student newspaper Silver & Gold, and changed in 1953 to Colorado Daily. In 1972 it moved off campus after a dispute on the editorial policy on the Vietnam war and became a free community paper.

Its publisher Front Range Publishing went bankrupt in 2001, after which publisher Randy Miller bought the paper. Miller sold the Colorado Daily to Scripps in 2005.

In 2006 Scripps and MediaNews formed a 50/50 joint venture, Prairie Mountain Publishing, to publish the paper. In the beginning of 2009 Scripps sold its share to Dean Singleton’s MediaNews, also publisher of paid daily the Daily Camera.

The Colorado Daily used to be one of the few free broadsheet being published, but moved now to a compact (23 * 28 cm) format.

Instead of the old Colorado Daily name (right) it now uses the name (upper left) for the newspaper.

The paper has a readership of 28,000 and serves the Boulder community and the University of Colorado.

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