Kjell Aamot in Germany

Kjell Aamot, ex- CEO of Norwegian media company Schibsted warned German publishers again: “we were kicked out of Germany (Cologne, 2001) but some other company will try it within the next 10 years.”

He added that fear of cannibalization can be lethal: “when you don’t do it yourself, somebody else will.”

Aamot, delivered today the keynote speech at the conference of the German newspapers publishers BDZV. I am not there but follow the confrence of Twitter (hashtag #ZK09 * search in Tweetdeck on Aamot).

The ex-Schibsted CEO also said that his former employer probably won’t be the one to start again in Germany although he announced another project “Next Generation Paper” that will be a free paper as well.

According to Aamot, the free dailies in Spain & France are succesful drivers for internet traffic in those countries. (This is either a mistake by the Twitter-followers or a mistake by Aamot because the results from those operations point in another direction.)

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