Toronto free newspaper ‘war’

Toronto not only got a new free evening newspaper yesterday (see previous post) but it is also the scene of a battle between the two incumbent morning free newspapers 24 Hours and Metro.

24 Hours revamped their website for the six editions in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton with the tagline “The world changes in 24H> So do we.”

Also the design of the paper (left, click for bigger picture) changed on September 8, with the new 24H logo.

Website Marketing reported about the Toronto launch on September 8, presenting the new design by placing the 24H boxes on red carpets in “media industry-heavy regions of downtown Toronto”.

With the new design and the launch campaign 24 Hours’ owner Sun Media wants to steal market share from Metro in Toronto. (And probably spoiling the t.o.night launch as well.)

In the 2008 readership survey, however, Metro was leading with 915,000 readers against 691,000 for 24 Hours.

One Response to “Toronto free newspaper ‘war’”

  1. Excalibur Multimedia Says:

    I’m not totally sold on 24’s new logo…It reminds me of a large pill (not unlike the Dose logo). It isn’t necessarily ‘bad’ – it has a certain iconic quality to it – just not evocative of what it’s trying to sell really. I’m going to assume that the logo isn’t the main focus here, but being a logo designer here in Toronto, my immediate thought is “how is this logo selling the brand?”