New Metro design

All Metro International editions will have a new design at the end of September. Below the Chile editions from August 11 and 12 when they were the first to make the move. The color of the masthead background (from dark to lighter green – repeated on inside pages) is different while there is a different (bolder) font for headings as well on the front page.

Most changes, however, are on inside pages, as was explained in the Swedish edition that got the new design on August 17 – that issue contained also an interview with Spanish designer Al Triviño. Earlier Triviño re-designed the Sunday Times and The Australian.

Apart from the total redesign (lay-out, colors, fonts, headings, icons) new sections are introduced: 1. News, 2. Sports and 3. Entertainment & TV; and a + (Plus) section (fashion, life style, tourism).

France (August 31), Denmark (September 3) and USA probably will be next, followed by the other editions, the Netherlands for instance will introduce the new design in the third week of September.

On the Read Metro website all pdf’s of Metro International’s editions (18 countries) can be viewed as e-paper and can be downloaded.

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