News Basle and Berne close down Friday

This Friday, the Basle and Berne editions of free daily News will be distributed for the last time. The papers were published in cooperation with paid papers Basler Zeitung, Berner Zeitung and the Tamedia group.

The Zurich edition, called Tages Anzeiger News, will remain. In December 2008 the Mittelland edition was already closed down.

The circulation in Zurich is 100,000 – the joint circulation for Basle and Berne was the same.

News was launched in December 2007, as a reaction to the launch of independent free daily ‘.ch’ that was considered to be a competitor for Tamedia’s free market leader 20 Minuten. News mainly sold advertising in cooperation with Tamedia’s paid papers in the same market.

After the closure of .ch in May the position of News changed. It served its purpose as spoiler but was not making money while it competed with 20 Minuten at the same time.

In June the paper was integrated with other Tamedia operations and got a new design (see previous post). But as the paper was still losing money, the Basler Zeitung (owning 25% of the Basle edition, with Tamedia owning 75%) said it thought about closing the Basle edition in July (see previous post).

Basler Zeitung already operates free local paper Baslerstab so News was competing with their own paper as well. In Berne Tamedia owns paid papers Berner Zeitung and Der Bund.

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