Loss-making Urban bans news from website

No more than one journalist and two journalism students worked for the website of free Danish paper Urban (Berlingske Officin / Mecom). But all of them have to go because ‘news’ is no longer the focus of the website according to Urban editor Henrik Bay in Journalisten.dk. The website attracted not enough visitors to “monetize” the news operation.

The paper stopped on July 2 for the summer holiday and will return with a website that features a pdf version of the printed edition.

Total losses of Urban were around €7 million (50m Dkr) according to MediaWatch. This was deducted from the documentation Urban supplied when they applied for funds from the Danish Press Board.

This board awarded Urban with €1 million for the next three years (7.3m Dkr) to develop the paper. The publisher will also put in the same amount of money.

Berlingse director Lisbeth Knudsen expects Urban to be profitable in 2012 according to the MediaWatch article.

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