Belgium & Luxemburg circulation data

The circulation data for the first six months in Belgium (by CIM) indicate that both editions of free daily Metro (Concentra) jointly distribute 259,000 copies, making it the third paper in Belgium.

The combination Het Laatste Nieuws / De Nieuwe Gazet distributes 284,000 copies; Nieuwsblad / De Gentenaar 263,000.

The French edition had an average of 122,000 copies (121,000 in 2008) while the Dutch language edition distributed 137,000 on average (133,000 in 2008). As circulation in the third quarter is usually less, the yearly average will be somewhat lower.

In Luxembourg L’Essentiel distributes 84,000 copies (73,000 in 2008), while Point24 distributes 59,000 copies (57,000 in 2008). These papers are no. 1 and 3 in Luxembourg. Paid paper Luxemburger Wort has a circulation of 71,000.

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