žurnal24 sole winner in Slovenia

Readership of Slovenian free daily žurnal24 increased with 20% in 2008/2009 compared to 2007/2008 according to the latest NRB survey. The free paper, owned by Austrian Styria Medien, now has 242,000 daily readers, making it the second best-read paper in the country.

Tabloid Slovenske Novice is with 342,000 still the best read paper in the country, although it lost 3% in readership.

Delo is third with 138,000 readers (-17%), followed by Dnevnik with 125,000 readers (-18%) and Večer (122,000; -20%).

The Saturday edition žurnal is now the best-read weekend paper with 357,000 readers (same as previous period) because competitor Nedeljski dnevnik – leading for decades in the country – went down from 416,000 to 340,000 readers.

The digital portal zurnal24.si is still the most visited newspaper portal in the country with 330,000 unique monthly visits.

One Response to “žurnal24 sole winner in Slovenia”

  1. Reader from Slovenia Says:

    It nonetheless stopped with publication during the summertime. It is supposed to come back by the end of the month. So this ’serious paper’ is not around to cover any developing stories during this time (only on web). Lack of advertisers and the recession are to be blamed for that.