More on the Dispatch

In the post below about the launch of The Starkville Dispatch there was some information missing about the circulation of the new paper.

Thanks to Operations Manager Peter Imes and Editor/Publisher Birney Imes we know now that The Starkville Dispatch distributes 1750 free daily copies. Apart from that there are 125 copies distributed through paid home delivery.

The Commercial Dispatch had a daily circulation of about 700 (400 delivery & 300 rack sales) in Starkville before the launch of TSD, meaning paid home delivery dropped but total circulation increased in the 23,000 people college-town.

The paper will make a in-depth review of the move and its results in the next couple of weeks. In case of a public publication we will make it available on

One Response to “More on the Dispatch”

  1. betty Lou Holder Says:

    Recently visited for first time the lovely City of Starksville, Was very impressed with all the features available. I attended a wedding on the MS. State Campus and stayed at the Butler House. It was so nice to be on a campus setting. My Niece, Jessica Hancock married Billly Butler in the Memory Chapel. So beautiful. The rehearsal Dinner was on Main St. at Restaurant Tyler. The food was superb!! I chose Shrimp and Grits and I would put their culinary skills right up there with Emeril’s on the Gulf Coast. The ambience reminds one of New Orleans. The folks in Starksville were friendly and the MS. State students I met were outstanding. The only problem I had was not having enough time to see everything. I plan to returncome back to your lovely City again. Thank y”all. Betty Lou Hancock Holder