Free tab goes broadsheet… well, longsheet

Palo Alto free daily The Daily News – founded in 1995 – will go through another format change (”broadsheet”) after it went from long tab to short but broader tab in May of this year (see previous post).

This fall the paper will double in length going from 11.5 inches wide by 11.25 inches deep to 11.5 inches wide and 21 inches deep. (

As the first format (before May 2009) was 11 inches by 16 inches, only the length of the paper seems to change. (By European standards this is not a broadsheet – it must be 16 inches wide at least).

Even if it was something of a broadsheet, it would not be the first or only free broadsheet in the world. Briefing (Dallas), the Colorado Daily (not 100% about that one), The Sports Hankook (Korea), Baslerstab (Switzerland) were/are broadsheets as well.

One Response to “Free tab goes broadsheet… well, longsheet”

  1. Joe Lauletta Says:

    The new Daily News has a great look to it, we have been receiving requests for more copies from all over Palo Alto.