Cape Cod Day

Earlier we reported on the Cape Cod Day – a Tuesday-Saturday free paper published on Cape Cod (Massachusetts) during the holiday season by GateHouse Media.

So far no pictures were available, but on Wicked Local a story with picture was published. The first issue appeared on June 23. Circulation is 25,000.

Similar papers – called the Daily Beachcomber – are published by the Seacoast Media Group in Hampton (NH) and York (ME). SMG is part of the Dow Jones Local Media Group, which in turn is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News International.

6 Responses to “Cape Cod Day”

  1. Skip Says:

    FYI, Cape Cod is in Massachusetts, not Maine. And York is in Maine, not Massachusetts.

  2. Wendy Northcross Says:

    Sorry to dissapoint- but Cape Cod is not in Maine! It is in Massachusetts – our two letter postal code is MA — but Maine’s is ME.

    So, for the record, Cape Cod is (and was always) part of Massachusetts. Come & see for yourself.

  3. Wendy Northcross Says:

    PS – one is never “in” Cape Cod, but “on” Cape Cod!

  4. Piet Bakker Says:

    Thanks for the comments, I now have the correct states.

  5. CodShell Says:

    Wasn’t Cape Cod part of the state of New York in past history?

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