WAZ plans U-Bahn tabloid

German publisher WAZ (Essen), the second newspaper publisher in Germany after Springer (Bild), is thinking about a new tabloid paper to attract a younger audience according to CEO Christian Nienhaus in an interview in German magazine Horizont.

The name ‘U-bahn Zeitung’ (subway paper), however suggest also a way of distribution that comes very close to a free commuter paper, still considered as the arch enemy of paid newspapers in Germany. The target audience is indeed the commuter according to WAZ.

Earlier, similar attempts with a cheaper small-format paper in Frankfurt (News), Cologne (Direkt), Saarbr├╝cken and Cotbus (20 cent) failed. Also Springer tested the cheap Extra paper without success although their Welt Kompakt edition seems to do quite OK (seems, because the publisher does not break out separate data for Die Welt and Welt Kompakt).

Money for the new paper could come from Austria, as WAZ wants to sell their 50% share in Kronen Zeitung – although their long-time adversary and fellow-owner Hans Dichand, seems to be hackling over the price.

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