Ecuador Metro’s partner with Metro International

Both free dailies by Ecuador media group Grupo Hoy, MetroHoy in Quito and Metro Quil in Guayaquil, are published from 15 July on as a Metro International franchise by a joined venture: Company Diarios Unidos Del Ecuador S.A (“DIUNESA”),

The new company is owned by both publishers, although Metro International will have a 15% stake initially with an option to increase that in the future.

The original MetroHoy in Quito was launched in 2001 by Edimpres SA, publisher of paid paper Hoy. In 2007 a Guayaquil edition was launched, competing with El Metro de Guayaquil (launched 2007). This last title changed its name to La Calle de Guayaquil in 2007; in the beginning of 2009 the paper stopped publication.

Joint circulation of both editions was somewhat less than 100,000 when they were published under their former names. The old titles still can be seen on the former Metro website. The new website carries the traditional green Metro logo.

Metro International also publishes free dailies in Chile (since 2000, fully owned), Brazil (since 2007, minority share) and Mexico (2006, 49% ownership 2 editions). Between 2000 and 2001 Metro published an edition in Argentina as well.

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