Halfway 2009: closures & circulation decline

Summer months are traditionally not a very good time for free dailies – in Europe that is – but June 2009 is a all-time low record. The number of closures keeps rising. In the first half of 2009 14 titles closed down (46 editions), against 27 titles (65 editions) in the whole of 2008.

In Europe, circulation of free dailies already dropped with 14%, June 2009 compared to the end of 2008 – in 2008 circulation dropped for the first time, with 5% compared to 2007.

In the America’s, circulation dropped with 5% so far – the first drop since the launch of free dailies. In Asia circulation is still increasing.

World circulation of free dailies went down with 9% – June 2009 compared to end 2008. In 2008 a small increase of 1% was recorded.

The end of the recession – and with it, the end of circulation decline – is not yet in sight. In Europe, circulation cuts are expected in Ireland (merger of Herald AM & Metro), Switzerland (merger of Le Matin Bleu & 20 Minutes) and Italy and Portugal (disinvestment of Metro).

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