Austrian Heute expands

No crisis for Austrian free daily Heute. The paper just moved into new – bigger – offices in Central Vienna, close to the offices of paid market leader Kronen Zeitung. The online and printed papers are fully integrated in the new newroom (slideshow at Heute).

The bigger office will contain more people than before, as the paper is also hiring new staff. Sales are booming in the recession. Director Eva Dichand told Die Presse that the paper saw sales increase with 30% in the first quarter of 2009.

In Vienna, the free paper distributes 330,000 copies, twice as much according to Eva Dichand than Kronen Zeiting, and reaching 30% of the population. On a national level Heute is the second Austrian paper after Kronen.

Main competitor, however, seems to be free/paid paper Österreich, and not Kronen Zeitung. According to Dichand, Österreich is more and more moving toward the free model, and in that way competing with Heute.

New launches are not expected although Heute wants to increase circulation and is also thinking about a Sunday edition.

Dichand denied any support from Kronen Zeitung, owned for 50% by her father in law Hans Dichand. The other owner – German publisher WAZ – investigated Hans Dichand and found no proof of any contribution from Kronen. (WAZ and Dichand only meet in court – while Dichand can not participate in any other newspaper without the consent of WAZ.)

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