Oldest Spanish free daily closed down

Not only Spanish national free dailies suffer from the economic crisis. A reader from Barcelona pointed me to the closure of Mini Diario, the oldest free daily in Spain.

Mini Diario started in November 1992 in Valencia – so almost three years before Metro Sweden launched and 8 years before 20 Minutos entered Spain. An Alicante edition was launched in 2000. Total circulation was around 60,000.

The paper was acquired by a new publisher, Valenciana de Ediciones y Publicidad, in 2006 and was redesigned as well. The owner also published the weekly Valencia 7 Días that closed down last year.

According to Levante-EMV.com the Alicante edition was already closed down a year ago while the Valencia edition did not return after the summer of 2008. The last issue was printed on July 11.

One Response to “Oldest Spanish free daily closed down”

  1. webman Says:

    as well as the lack of advertising revenue at the moment, this is certainly a sign of the times … i digest all my news on the internet now. while i can see there will always be a market, it is dwindling rapidly and only the largest will survive.