From free to paid… a smart move?

After Rupert Murdoch’s plea to start charging for online news, the discussion about “free or paid” popped up everywhere. Online, however, is not the only “free zone” in news. If online could be better of charging, why not apply that to free newspapers as well.

At the end of 2008, free newspaper Bluffton Today moved from free to paid. The move attracted a lot of attention, also because the paper was the darling of the online We-Media movement, with a focus on user-generated content and citizen journalism from the start. Except from a Terry Heaton Twitter posting in which he claims that the paper lost 3/4 of their audience, there is no news on the result of the switch.

Another free paper making the same move is the UK free weekly Kent on Sunday. The Kersh Media blog post is not encouraging. Because of falling advertising revenues the paper is now asking 90p – a price very few readers are willing to pay.

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