Edipresse’s Théo Bouchat steps down

On 1 June 2009, Serge Reymond will take over from Théo Bouchat as CEO of Edipresse Switzerland. The company will be taken over by Swiss publisher Tamedia in the next years.

Reymond worked for Galenica (medical distribution) and Swatch. In 1997, he joined Naville and managed Naville-Détail (management of stores and newsstands). From 2007 until the end of 2008, he was Chairman of the Naville Company.

Théo Bouchat worked as a journalist for the Tribune de Lausanne and at the Swiss Television (TSR) . In 1998 he joined Edipresse Switzerland’s and became CEO in 2007. Bouchat realized the Matin’s change to a tabloid format in 2001 and he also oversaw the launch of Matin Bleu, the first free daily in French-speaking Switzerland at the end of 2005.

In the merging process with Tamedia Le Matin Bleu will be integrated in the French 20 Minutes editions of Tamedia. The merger will probably take place in the last months of 2009.

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