Crónica Síntesis Mexico City

Another free daily discovered by Marc Carlson of ABYZ newslinks, this time in Mexico City where Crónica Síntesis was launched on May 8 2006. The free evening paper had an initial circulation of 100,000 and is published by paid paper La Crónica de Hoy.

The paper is distributed in traffic, in shopping malls, at Metro entrances and on flights of Mexicana de Aviación.

So it seems that there are three free dailies in Mecixo City as also El M (since 2000) and Publimetro (since 2006) are published in the capital. Crónica Síntesis was launched one week before the Metro International (49%) paper.

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    Publimetro has 130,000 copies daily and is the only free paper that is in the 2 biggest cities in Mexico Republic, Mexico City and Monterrey and with a total circulation of 190,000 copies per day, CRONICA SINTESIS is a copy paste from the morning edition that is Cronica DE Hoy and sells in the morning, El M desapears in 2007 and is not in the market anymore, Publimetro until today is the only free paper verified by IVM that is the institute that audit the circulation.

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