Heute thinks about Sunday edition

The economic crisis has not hurt Austrian free daily Heute as it increased advertising revenue in Q1 of 2009 with 17%, mostly because of special offers by retailers. “The crisis is not a crisis for us” said Heute director Eva Dichand to press agency APA.

She expects that already this year the circulation of the paper will officially be published by auditing organisation Österreichischen Auflagenkontrolle (ÖAK).

Also the 2009 readership could be published by official survey institute Media-Analyse as it is already including questions about the free daily’s readership for two years. The rules of Media-Analyse, however, prevented these data to be published. New rules are now about to be put into effect.

One of the future plans of the free paper with a circulation of more than 450,000 in three editions, is launching a Sunday paper according to Der Standard.

The free daily already published weekend magazine ‘Live’ but sold this to paid market leader Kronen Zeitung in the beginning of this year (see previous post). Kronen Zeitung is owned for 50% by Eva Dichhands father in law Hans Dichand.

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