Danish readership fluctuations

Earlier we reported on Danish readership in 2008 and over a longer period based on 6-month periods. Four different newspapers took the no. 1 position since 2005: paid paper Jyllands Posten and free dailies MetroXpress, 24timer and Nyhedsavisen.

Also monthly data show substantial fluctuations. While Jyllands Posten was no. 1 in the second half of 2008, MetroXpress is leading in the first months of 2009 with 488,000 readers in April against 461,000 for Jyllands Posten.

MetroXpress lost more than 80,000 readers compared to the previous month when it had 571,000 readers. Also the two other free papers 24timer and Urban lost readers in April compared to March – although all gained in March compared to February. The overall picture is that readership of frees is less stable than that of paid papers – most of those, however, are losing readers.

The average over the first four months makes MetroXpress the leader with 516,000 readers before Jyllands Posten with 486,000. Unless the April data indicate a trend, MetroXpress will probably lead in the first half of 2009.

As Danish free papers don’t publish in July (and part of August) their average ‘July-December’ data will be much lower.

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