18 minuter Upsala launched

Swedish local paid paper Upsala Nya Tidning launched a new free daily today: 18 Minuter. According to UNT, the paper will be published five days a week with a circulation of between 15,000 and 20,000 and will contain local, national and international news. (Picture from Swedish Radio)

The publisher will offer joined advertising packages for UNT (148,000 circulation) and 18 minuter. The paper is targeted at 15 to 40 years old that don’t read UNT.

The paper will made by three journalists covering the local area and use material from Stockholm press agency TT Spektra for the rest of the content.

In Upsala also the national ‘Riks’ edition of Metro is distributed.

With the name, the paper is in between 5min (Latvia), 10 Minutter (Denmark), 15min (Lithuania, Ukraine), and 20 Minutos / Minutes (France, Spain, Switzerland), 24 minuti (Italy) and Meia Hora (=half hour, Portugal). The name also relates to the area code 018 for Upsala.

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