Vail free paper Starbucks war resumed

In yesterday’s newsletter and on the website we reported that peace returned in Vail (Colorado) after both free papers The Vail Mountaineer and Vail Daily were allowed to distribute through the local Starbuck coffee shops.

Vail Mountaineer publisher Jim Pavelich, however, emailed that his paper was again banned from Starbucks:

What originally was a ban of the Vail Mountaineer from the shelves from corporately owned Starbucks stores in Vail Village, Avon and Edwards was thought to have been reversed by Starbucks in April. Since then, we at the Mountaineer were surprised to once again be informed that our paper was not allowed inside these shops.

The banned originated as a result of a deal between Starbucks and the Vail Daily, the other newspaper in the area, in which the publisher of the Vail Daily told the Vail Mountaineer that the Vail Daily was giving Starbucks free ads in return for keeping the Mountaineer out. He has since said they weren’t free, but also said they don’t have to pay for them.

This has turned into a fun-filled quest for the staff of the Mountaineer who daily have the pleasure of reminding local businesses that they have to pay for their Vail Daily ads while the Seattle company does not.

One Response to “Vail free paper Starbucks war resumed”

  1. Joself Says:

    This self-serving PR from Pavelich really shouldn’t be on here or any place on the web. He’s against the internet, remember? Who gives a sh*t if his papers are there or not? Most people do not, unless they need some asswipe.