Jyllands Posten leads again in Denmark

After four years, paid paper Jyllands Posten is again – after three years – the best-read newspaper in Denmark according to 2008-II data from TNS Gallup.

In 2005 MetroXpress took over as the best-read paper in the country, in 2007 another free daily, 24timer, became the best-read paper while in the beginning of 2008 free daily Nyhedsavisen was number one. This last paper closed down in September 2008 while 24timer was acquired by Metro and cut down circulation.

MetroXpress is now second with 496,000 readers after Jyllands-Posten with 507,000. Free dailies Urban (408,000) and 24timer (395,000) are 5th and 7th. (Click on picture for bigger view.)

One Response to “Jyllands Posten leads again in Denmark”

  1. Wilf Says:

    these are old data referring to 2H 2008 published on Mar-1st.

    In Denmark, you can get monthly data a week after the end of the month, available on TNS Gallup DK website.

    The March 2009 figures shows that MetroXpress is the best read newspaper in Denmark with 571,000 daily readers. Jyllandsposten was second with 474,000 daily readers.

    In Jan and Feb, the performance of the titles were even.