Huffington Post on Washington Examiner

Online news site Huffington Post extensively covered the political slant of the Washington Examiner last Saturday. Unlike most free dailies, the Examiner is far from neutral as it seems to function as the political vehicle of it’s owner Philip Anschutz in Washington according to Terry Krepel in “Right-Wing Tilt Drives Washington Examiner.”

The Examiner “has become a transmitter of conservative misinformation” according to Krepel who gives many examples of the right-wing opinions advocated by the paper that increased the opinion pages from 2 to 5 recently.

One Response to “Huffington Post on Washington Examiner”

  1. The Truth Says:

    The Baltimore Examiner was closed because it was deemed “too fair” by Ryan McKibbin and Phil Anschutz. The hack-filled piece of trash Washington Examiner is all that’s left to spill its racist trash.