Paid successor of free NY Hoy

Former employees of the closed down NY Spanish language free daily Hoy (see previous post), plan to launch a new daily in New York.

The new paper, Al Dia NY, will have a circulation of 20,000 and is expected next week. It will be published every weekday. Editor will be Vicglamar Torres. (AP via Forbes)

Al Dia, however, will not be a free publication as it will be sold for 40c on newsstands.

One Response to “Paid successor of free NY Hoy”

  1. Edwin Brown Says:

    May 7, 2009

    New York, NY 10001-2406

    Dear Editor:

    RE: Volunteer Expressed Written Consent

    I write to you to humbly ask for your expressed written consent to allow us to include a copy of the front cover of your historic November 5, 2008 newspaper in our fundraising scrapbook.

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    Due to the current economic climate, we are not asking you for a financial contribution. However, out of hundreds of front pages from across the country, your November 5, 2008 headliner was chosen, along with a select group of other newspapers headliners, to be included in our historic Barack Obama scrapbook. We hope that we can use this scrap book as a valuable fundraising tool primarily for school groups and organizations in the community.

    Again, we are humbly asking for you expressed written consent in order for your November 5, 2008 front cover to be included in our Barack Obama scrapbook. All copyright and other proprietary notices will be kept intact as we hope that not only will this be a valuable tool for school groups and organizations, but that it will also provide greater exposure for the selected newspaper’s websites and information.

    We would like to finalize this scrapbook as soon as possible so please feel free to email your consent to or fax at 888-722-9074. If you have any questions regarding this request, please call me on 888-722-9074.

    Thank you in advance for your participation.

    Edwin Brown
    50 State Change
    2341 N Forest Drive, Suite 19
    Annapolis, MD 21401