La Calle de Guayaquil closed

Free Ecuador daily La Calle de Guayaquil has (probably) closed down in the beginning of this year. In 2006 the paper was launched as Metro de Guayaquil but changed its name to La Calle de Guayaquil after complaints from the free Metro daily in the capital Quito (see previous post).

In December 2008 the paper was still in business but now the website is closed down, suggesting the paper closed down as well. La Calle de Guayaquil had a circulation of 40,000 copies.

Remaining free daily in Ecuador is MetroMetroHoy in Quito and MetroQuil in Guayaquil – operated by Edimpres SA, the publisher of paid newspaper Hoy.

The Hoy group also operates TV and radio stations in Ecuador. (Tip through ABYZ News links)

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