X-men wrap in Què!

The Spanish free daily Què! had a very strong ad-wrap yesterday. For the Spanish release of X-man Lobezno (Origins: Wolverine) the wrap looked as if it was really cut. The ‘real’ cover showed thru the cuts.

The wrap was four full pages – a pdf can be downloaded from the Què! website. (Click on the picture it to see the effect in full.)

The edition left is the Què!Nervion Bilbao edition. It is the result of a merger between the Què! Bilbao edition and El Nervion, one of the oldest Spanish local free dailies. The first merged version is from 9 February.

El Nervion started in November 2001, and was published by paid paper El Coreo (Vocento) and had a circulation of 50,000.

The Què! Bilbao edition was launched by Recoletos in 2005, in 2007 Vocento acquired the free daily. As both papers were now owned by Vocento (which is based in the Basque country) the merger seemed inevitable in the recession.

A Nervion website still exists however.

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