Peace in Vail… new battle against online news

Jim Pavelich, owner of the The Vail Mountaineer (see previous post) – see also a posting on the free-daily blog), wrote that his paper is again:

“allowed back into local Starbucks locations. Initially the paper was excluded when a local district manager agreed to give the older Vail Daily exclusive distribution rights in return for free advertising. Outrage by local businesses who have paid for ads in the Vail Daily for decades was thought to contribute to this policy reversal.”

Pavelich is at the same time fighting another war: the war against online news. According to the Vail Mountaineer publisher, putting news online for free is “a road to ruin”. According to Pavelich:

“The magic of the printed paper is the unique synergy between news and ads — people pick up papers for both reasons and most read both news and ads. Online publications have yet to achieve this synergy.”

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