Què! closes editions

Free Spanish Qué! (Vocento) closed the editions in Santander (Cantabria) and San Sebastian (Guipúzcoa). The last issues (left: Santander) were published on March 17. Both editions started in November 2007.

According to el Economista also the Bilbao and Coruna editions have been closed down. The Friday April 3 edition of Bilbao and La Coruna, however, were still available from the Qué! wesbite.

Qué! Murcia and Mallorca were last published on December 23. Also the Cartagena edition was closed down.

Què! is published now in 11 editions (including Bilbao and Coruna) with a circulation of 650,000.

Metro Spain closed down in the beginning of this year while ADN closed down several editions. Market leader 20 Minutos cut down circulation.

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