Meanwhile, back in Vail…

As big cities papers are struggling and free papers try to cope with sharp declining advertising sales, two free dailies in the tiny town of Vail, Colorado (4,589 inhabitants) are fighting their own war.

The Vail Daily was launched in 1981 and sold by owner Jim Pavelich to Swift some years ago. In June Pavelich started the competing Vail Mountaineer in what is possibly the smallest two-paper town in the US.

The conflict evolves around the distribution deal through the Starbucks coffee stores. Read the full story on Clyde Davis’ Free-daily blog.

The Vail Mountaineer is also famous for its very basic website.

2 Responses to “Meanwhile, back in Vail…”

  1. James Chung Says:

    As someone who used to work for the publisher formerly known as Knight Ridder, I find the Vail newspaper situation particularly interesting for personal and professional reasons. But there’s one big factor not found elsewhere that’s fueling that competition (besides the immense seasonal bump for ad revenues). In our market research work, we’ve never seen a market where such a high percentage of citizens still read newspapers…nothing anywhere close to what we’ve seen in Vail. Residents use the local websites as well, but print is simply huge in that well-educated market for which information is the currency of choice. Too bad for the newspaper business that other markets aren’t anything like that.

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