New cuts at ADN

Spanish free daily ADN (Planeta Group and local partners) has closed offices in Sevilla, Málaga and Cádiz. The first two editions will be made from offices in Barcelona and Madrid from now on. The Cadiz and Jerez editions (both made in Cadiz) have closed down. 15 people lost their job in the operation.

The regional partner of Planeta in this area, the Joly Group, wanted to discontinue the cooperation. The Joly Group participated for 60% in the editions, in most other regions the local partner participates for 40%.

In 2008 the ADN edition in Galicia was merged with local free daily LV (picture left shows the first combined edition of December 1) while most of the staff of the online edition was let go as well. This edition expects, however, to increase distribution to more than the 50,000 it does now.

Also the Aragon ADN edition will be taken over in total by Planeta, the staff will be moved to former partner, local paper Heraldo de Aragon. The renamed Zaragoza edition and the Castellon edition will use more material from other editions from now on and will be made from the headquarters as well.

Grupo La Información, the partner for Navarra (editions in Pamplona and La Rioja) and the Basque countries (Bilbao) will also sell its shares to Planeta. (233 Grados, Expansion)

When all changes will take place is not yet clear, on the ADN website still 14 editions are available. Cadiz and Jerez, however, don’t have their own edition anymore – the Madrid edition is available instead.

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