Canada: Metro 2nd best-read newspaper

Free daily Metro is the second-best read newspaper in Canada with 1,143,800 daily readers (in 6 markets), just after the Toronto Star with 1,145,800 readers in 19 markets. The Globe and Mail is third with 902,800 readers, while free daily 24 hours is fourth with 798,900 readers in 5 markets.

In all major markets, however, the free papers are third, fourth or fifth in the market according to the latest NADbank research.

In Toronto Metro is third (450,00) after The Star (938,000) and The Sun (474,000) while 24 hours (297,000) is fifth after the Globe and Mail (383,000). Only The Sun and Metro gained readers compared to 2007.

In Montreal Le Journal de Montréal and La Presse are the best-read papers, Metro is third, The Gazette fourth and 24 hours fifth. Only La Presse and Metro increased readership.

In Ottawa Metro and 24 hours are fourth and fifth after the Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun and Le Droit. All papers lost readers compared to 2007.

In Vancouver The Vancouver Sun and the Province are leading the way before 24 hours and Metro. The Province and Metro gained readers.

When weekly cumulative readership in four major markets is analyzed, is it clear that free papers reach substantial audiences, particularly in Vancouver (625,000), Montreal (717,000) and Toronto (1.1 million).

Overlap between the brands, however, is also substantial as can be seen in the graph (click on it for a better view). In Montreal 50% of the readers read both titles, in Vancouver and Montreal a little more than 40%; in Ottawa overlap is 36%.

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