24 hours/heures (Canada): 650,000 copies

After all 24 hours/heures free dailies moved the circulation audit from ABC to CCAB last year (see previous post), the 2008 TRAC data for these titles became available.

Total circulation of 24 hours/heures (Sun Media) is 653,000 copies in six markets.

In Toronto the paper distributes 265,000 copies, in Montreal  141,000; in Vancouver 128,000; in Calgary 46,000; and in both Ottawa and Edmonton 36,000 copies.

CCAB also audits the Metro circulation in Toronto (274,000 copies) and Montreal (138,000 copies).

As CCAB audits all Sun Media titles (free and paid) the data also shows that the Toronto Star is the third ‘free’ paper in the city with an average free circulation of 102,000 (23% of its total circulation, on weekdays more than 25%).

All free papers tend to distribute more copies on Fridays than on other weekdays, only 24 heures Montreal distributes more on other weekdays: Tuesday and Wednesday.

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  1. Wilf Says:

    New readership figures published last week for Canada:

  2. Wilf Says:

    In fact, Metro and 24 Hours have always been audited by CCAB/BPA. The move from ABC to CCAB was for a number of paid for (Toronto Star, le Journal de Montreal, * Sun).