The History of Free Dailies

This week I received an email from a student who is writing a thesis on free newspapers. The question was what was the first free newspaper in the world? I get this question more often (and like to answer it because the information on Wikipedia about free dailies is totally wrong in this respect).

Below the list of pre-Metro (Stockholm, February 1995) free dailies, the ones with a * have been closed down already.

1906 Manly Daily (Australia)
1945 Der Panzerbär* (Berlin, one week)
1947 Contra Costa News* (USA)
1970 Colorado Daily (USA)
1974 MetroNews (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
1978 Aspen Daily News / Jackson Hole Daily (USA)
1981 Vail Daily (USA)
1983 Eindhovens Dagblad* (Netherlands, 2 weeks)
1984 Birmingham Daily News (UK, -1992)
1988 Aspen Times (USA)
1989 Steamboat Today / Conway Daily Sun (USA)
1990 Summit Daily News (USA)
1992 Moscow Times (Russia) / Mini Diario (Spain)
1994 Berlin Daily Sun (USA)
1995 Palo Alto Daily News (USA)

4 Responses to “The History of Free Dailies”

  1. Andreas Says:

    Well, in my opinion the “Panzerbär” shouldn’t be included in this list. It was not a newspaper, it was pure propaganda. For free, of course.

    Maybe it would be helpful if you link the titles of the “free dailies” to related posts on your blog.

  2. Piet Bakker Says:

    Including Der Panzerbär is perhaps dubious, but if you compare the content of that paper to the other (paid) papers published during that time, there is not much difference.

    Links to the homepages of the papers are on the ‘country’ pages, stories on these papers – if there any any – can be found by pasting the title in the ’search’ box.

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