The advertising machine

Why is it so hard to buy an ad in a (paid of free) newspaper? It’s a nightmare of discounts (that usually don’t end up in the pockets of the advertisers), conditions and sales people bothering you.

I was inspired by discussion with sales people at the Dutch Newspaper Academy and the Kubas Consultancy report on this (The Next Newspaper Ad Sales Model) and presented a plan to the Dutch Committee that is advising the government on plans for newspaper innovation.

The plan is a ‘machine’ for online sales of traditional newspaper ads. (six slides, see below for short explanation in English.)


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1. Introduction
2. This is the advertiser wanting an ad, but does NOT want a advertising agency, media bureau, sales reps or phone calls to/from the newspaper.
3. What he/she wants is a simple interface like this one from retailer Hema for photo’s: everything is on it: pricing, options, discounts, formats, how long it takes etc.
4. What you get instead is (at best – like this one from Telegraaf) this: a download of a complicated xls-file (with Macros) or a text-interface for classified.
5. But mostly you get phone numbers, ending up calling a sales rep. (something you don’t want)
6. Why not like this: chose title/edition, get reliable data on circulation and readership, chose format and page, see discounts for bigger/more ads, make your own ad, get a pdf to check it, pay online and get a second pfd of the full page as proof.

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