Nyhedsavisen book

“Alt går efter planen” (All goes according to plan) is the title of a book about the rise and fall of free Danish paper Nyhedsavisen that will be published tomorrow March 26.

The Nyhedsavisen-sage is written by four former Nyhedsavisen journalists: Rune Skyum-Nielsen, Rasmus Karkov, Morten Runge and Niels Kristian Holst. Publisher of the 250 DDK (€34) book is Politikens Forlag. (MediaWatch)

Nyhedsavisen was an ambitious free home delivered ‘quality’ newspaper project, originally by the Icelandic firm of Dagsbrunn. The paper launched in 2006 and was ‘welcomed’ by free spoiler newspapers of almost all Danish publishers. In 2008 the paper closed down after it was acquired by private investor Morten Lund.

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