5 years Swiss readership

Free daily 20 Minuten is – again – the best-read newspaper in Switzerland according to the latest MACH Basic research by WEMF. The paper – again – increased readership and had more than 1.3 million daily readers in 2008 (Persoenlich). The growth of 20 Minuten over the last years has been impressive compared to the development of all other Swiss (German language) papers (click on graph for bigger picture).

Also Blick am Abend (formerly ‘heute’) gained readers, it  is now the  6th paper in Switzerland. For News (276,000 readers) and .ch (214,000) the first data are now available. As data have been gathered until September, the results of the format and distribution change of .ch are not yet visible.

Free business paper CASH, which printed its last issue last week – was one of the biggest winners in the readership contest, going up from 85,000 to 118,000. (data for French language Swiss papers later today).

One Response to “5 years Swiss readership”

  1. Piet Bakker Says:

    .CH had LINK conduct a survey in November and January when the paper ended home delivery and changed the design. According to this study the readership is 345.000.