Spanish free dailies again down in circulation

20 minutos 2009The remaining three national free dailies in Spain distributed 2.2 million copies in January 2009: 25% less than in January 2008 and more than 10% less than the average circulation of 2008.

When the January circulation is compared to the average circulation in 2008 of the then four national dailies (including Metro, closed down in January 2009), the drop is more than 30%.

In January 2009 20 Minutos distributed 806,000 copies. Over the first six months of 2008, however, the paper distributed more than a million copies a day on average.

Qué! is the second free daily in terms of circulation with 721,000 daily copies and ADN is third with 689,000 copies. (See PR Noticias for the latest monthly OJD data.)

One Response to “Spanish free dailies again down in circulation”

  1. Noticias de Bogota, Colombia Says:

    I think it´s strange to see that it is mostly the developed countries that are having this problem. The newspapers here in Colombia are holding their own – perhaps because in many ways the country IS still developing. Our online edition has been growing by more than 10% monthly in new visitors – which may also be spurred on by the growth of the Internet in cities such as Bogota, as well as the desire for more and different views of the local “noticias” instead of the mainstream and often biased views.