Expres Hunedoara closed

The last Hunedoara edition of Expres, the free paper distributed in local markets in Romania, was published on February 15.

The paper was launched in September 2007 as the third edition of Expres after Arad and Timisoara (both launched in 2005). In October 2007 a Cluj edition was launched. The closure will not affect the other three editions.

Publisher of Expres is Inform Media, owned by Austrian publisher Voralberger Medienhaus.

In Bucharest, free daily Compact (owned by Swiss publisher Ringier) was closed down last week (see previous post).

Apart from the three Expres editions, three other free dailies remain in Romania. Free daily Curentul (formerly paid) is published in Bucharest, while free evening Adevarul de Seara is published in several local markets. Free daily Ring, launched in April 2008 is probably also still being published, although it dropped out of the official Brat circulation auditing.

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