Soccer & free dailies

What do you do when you’re rich? And when you already have several houses, fancy cars and eat oysters everyday?

Buy a soccer club! You start a free daily! Or do both!

Marcel Boekhoorn, the 19th richest man in the Netherlands (€1.1 billion) funded free daily De Pers in 2007. He also has been sponsoring Nijmegen football club NEC. The two hobbies can be combined as can been seen left: De Pers being fully displayed on the back of the shirts (full picture at De Gelderlander).

Bouwdewijn Poelmann (only no. 425 on the list of the richest Dutch, owning €60m) was involved in Moscow free daily The Moscow Times (launced in 1992, now owned by Finnish Sanoma Corporation) and funded London free paper City AM. In the Netherlands he is sponsoring football club Feyenoord through the “Sponsor Bingo Lottery”, one of his companies. Yesterday, however, he stepped down as board member.

The only other free daily involved in sports sponsoring I am aware of, was the Madrid edition of Metro Spain, as it sponsored the Real Madrid basketball team (right). Metro Spain closed down in January.

But are there any other free dailies sponsoring sports clubs? Mail it to me or put them in the comments.

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