City Landskrona

City LandskronaFree daily City, launched in October 2002 in the Swedish capital Stockholm was converted to a three-days-a-week paper after six years in September 2008. The Göteborg edition, launched in 2006, was already closed down after little more than a year. Only the Malmö/Lund edition – launched in September 2006 survived.

In 2009, however, there are again three daily Cities published in Sweden. In August 2008, the free daily Xtra! Helsingborg, launched by paid paper Helsingborgs Dagblad in 2007, was converted into a Helsingborg City edition.

And last November, a spin-off from that City edition launched in Landskrona, a small town (30,000 inhabitants) south of Helsingborg. Helsingborgs Dagblad publishes an edition in Landskrona as well.

The edition (left the first issue) has a circulation of 4000 as is made by only two journalists. The paper is distributed in 30 places in the city.

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